Isabel Herrera is a contemporary instant photographer and artist who lives and works in Guatemala City. Herrera’s works portray serenity and nostalgia and that which is also ephemeral, vaporous and impermanent.

From a deep state of quiescence, Herrera has come to understand that life is a succession of vanishing and fragile moments. While trying to remain in the now, detached from all things banal, she has found her own way, searching to preserve fragments of time. Instant photography has enabled her to mindfully cherish these moments in complete stillness, in presence. It is how she finds contentment.

The Polaroid SX70 and its experimental possibilities has allowed her to capture these fragile and evanescent instants always through shades and veils of haze. Herrera has found a muse and inspiration in nature, and her deep connection to it is reflected in her images. The Polaroid emulsion lifting technique she continuously works with is the way she can convey vulnerability, sensitivity and fragility of life. From the moment each emulsion is attached to organic cotton paper, it acquires its own unique form and personality. The wrinkles, folds and tears form an allegory of the human experience and existence; scars, grief, pain. These apparent imperfections simultaneously assure strength, hope and resilience; a sense of gratitude of being here and now.

Isabel Herrera has showcased her works at Guatemala’s Sol del Rio Contemporary Art Gallery, Juannio’s annual Contemporary Latin American Art Auction, and internationally acclaimed Instant Photography Festivals in Germany, France, Italy and the UK. She was also invited to be a guest speaker and exposer at the First International Experimental Photography Festival in Barcelona Spain in January 2020, and a guest judge to Guatemala’s Universidad Francisco Marroquín Design Week 2020.