Artist Statement

On a Sunday morning, I strolled barefoot through a dirt path from the cottage to the dock in Lake Atitlán. The north winds brushed my dark maroon hair against my rosy cheeks. I looked down at my chilly feet, spattered with dew-covered grass and soil, and then turned my sight towards the San Pedro volcano, which ascended majestically into the sky. The clouds seemed to move in a rush, and the first rays of sunlight reached my fair skin. “I will remember this moment forever,» I vowed.

Thirty-three years later, on July fourteenth, I endured an uncertain, tantalizing, intricate moment. My own car, engine running, pressed and crushed me against a wall in a situation of self-trampling. At the time, I did not know if I was going to survive.  

I tried to breath, but with every waking breath I took my vision gradually faded, while I slowly slipped into agony.

Suddenly, weighed down by pain, with my back literally against the wall, I heard my daughter’s voice in the distance and evoked my volcano, the clouds, the wind, my bare feet that carried me to the dock. “It does not end here… Not today!”  

I knew.

This precise moment marked the beginning of a new cycle in my life. A transformation, a rebirth that expanded my consciousness towards new possibilities of introspection, perspectives and gratitude.

It opened the eyes of my soul.  

An overwhelming need to connect with the spiritual world, with nature, led me to seek calmness and stillness. My creative imagination and desire to explore and express were born and resulted in the outset of my relationship with photography.

Instant photography has enabled me to materialize these new opportunities, reexaminations and dreams, and to capture the fragile, evanescent moments of my existence. I reflect upon the changing colors of light, and travel through this nostalgic, illusional, imaginary haze. The levity, imprecision and ambiguity of the subdue light are reminiscent of the quietness and repose I yearn.  

The captured images reveal this spiritual connection, this relationship with nature, and convey the truth I know, MY truth. I obtain serenity and recognize and appraise impermanence. I place my trust in it. And in this magical moment, I am completely confident of what this mystery of life has in store for me.